Monday, 5 December 2016

Michael's Auckland trial

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Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Culture: half tongan half samoan
Age: 15 years old
Lived where: Lives in a street called Stewart ave 17 near panmure.
He goes tamaki college.
He’s fast and smart playing sports like rugby, league, touch, tag and basketball, he’s funny and also kind.

Title: Michael’s Auckland trial
Orientation: Michael and his mum. He lives in Stewart ave 17 near panmure. He was trialing for the Auckland East U16 team. The last day was on July 3rd 2016
Problem: The problem was he couldn’t go trial because he had to go church.
Solution: He made it in time to go to the last trial for the Auckland East U16 team. Then he ended up making it to the team.

5 months ago there was this teenager named Michael, he’s 15 years old. Michael is sporty, he plays rugby, league, touch, tag and also basketballs. He lived in this street called stewart ave which is near panmure. He is smart at playing sports, kind and also friendly. The college he goes to is tamaki college, his hobbies are reading, writing, maths and of course sports.

Once he was trialing for auckland, he had to go to this last trial which it was on sunday. On sunday he asked his mum if he could go to his last auckland trial. “No son, you have to go sunday school.” said mum.
“But mum I really have to go, because it’s the last trial.” Michael replied.
“No son, you have to go. Come on, let’s go.” So they walked to church and got their, then they went inside and got their on time for sunday school.

After sunday school, Michael and his mum went outside then the mum said shes gonna drop him off to the last auckland trial. His mum dropped him then he made it in there on time. Got ready for the last trial then happen to make it into the U16 Auckland rep team.

Friday, 18 November 2016

How to make a normal paper airplane

This presentation is how to make an normal paper airplane. The steps are in the
presentation, hope you's all enjoy it and also feel free to leave a comment :)

Friday, 4 November 2016

Rewriting Instructions

Instructions should have clear, simple steps so you don’t confuse the person reading them.
Can you make these various instructions easier to understand?

Pick up an egg, gently hit it against the side of a bowl and empty the contents into a clean bowl.
Get a egg, hit the egg against the side of the bow softly, then empty the egg yolk into a cleaner bowl.
Open the fridge and take out the butter. Take off the lid. Get a knife and use it to scoop some butter. Rub the knife onto the toast.
Go to the fridge and open it to get the butter. Then get a butter knife. Open up the lid for the butter. Use your butter knife to peel of the butter. Put some bread inside the toaster, wait for a moment then take out the toasts. Then rub the toast with your butter knife with the butter. Then your done.
Hold the two shortest sides of paper and bend them together. Squeeze them so that the paper is now in half.
Hold the paper with two hands on the two sides on the paper. Then fold it in half.
When you hear the sound of the whistle, move one leg in front of the other as quickly as you can.
When you hear the sound of the whistle, you start running as quickly as you can.
When player One had rolled the die, they should hand it to player Two, who should then roll it too. The person with the highest score moves their counter first.
When player one had rolled the dice, than player has to hand it over to player two. They keep on taking turns until someone gets a higher number. Who ever gets a higher, that person gets to move their counter first.
If you want to turn on the computer, look for the round, lack power button and press it once.
If you want to turn on the computer, look for a button that’s black and press it.

Hold the handles of the scissors and cut along the dotted line, making sure you don’t hurt yourself.
Hold the handle of the scissors and cut on the dotted line and also make sure you don’t hurt yourself by cutting out the dotted line.
Before you start mixing the ingredients, switch on the oven and turn the dial to 140 degrees.
Before you start mixing the ingredients, turn on the oven and switch the dial to 140 degrees.
Take the lid off the glue stick and rub the glue on the tab, being careful not to get any glue on your clothes.
Take the lid off the glue stick and rub the glue stick onto the tab, then be careful not to any glue on your clothes.
When you have planted your seed, pick up the pot and move it it near to a window where it will get lots of sunlight.
Once you’ve planted your seed, pick up the pot and put it next to a window where the sunlight is shining.
Description: We have to rewrite the writing that's on the left side. Then on the right side you rewrite the, by explaining it easier.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Properties of 2 and 3 Dimensional Shapes

Today we've learnt properties of 2 and 3 dimensional Shapes. We had to get a partner and guess the 3d shapes and 2d shapes.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Talking points Reflection

This is talking points reflection. I've learnt how to actively speak & listen. What else I've was actively speaking and listening sounds like and learnt how to not interrupt when someone is talking. That's all I've learnt So I hope you's all enjoy my Google drawing.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Converting Fractions

This is the Converting Fraction. I've been learning how to convert percentages, Fraction and the decimal. First you got to answer the question and make sure you get the right answer. Once you've done that you gotta check the answer button which is the green button.